PrestigePPE K-9 Pro Automatic Thermometer Temperature Scanner & Sanitizer Dispenser is a newer version of the K-9 with more feature control & upgrades improvements. Our IR thermometer and hand sanitizer dispenser feature a high-tech infrared technology. This allows people to avoid human contact, preventing the spread of germs and airborne allergens. Best use: at home, diner, shop, office, gym, hospital, exhibition and other for commercial and industrial purposes. Your clients, family, students and employees can check body temperature & disinfect their hands with table-stand, wall-mount or stand-mounted thermometer spray hand-sanitizer dispenser. Intuitive design, stylish and modern look, the K-9 Pro is a must-have for office, hospitals, homes, hotels, office buildings, etc!

8 reasons you need to get this K9 Pro 2-In-1 Automatic Thermometer Temperature Scanner & Sanitizer Dispenser Combination with Additional Tripod Stand Drip Tray by PrestigePPE

  • 👉【2-In-1-Combined】- Non contact dispenser and infrared thermometer with intelligent power saving and auto wake up. Now you can both scan your body temperature AND wash your hands at the same time with this automatic thermometer without worries. This soap dispenser requires no contact, which makes it both convenient and easy.
  • 👉【Touchless Accurate Temperature Check】- Features a high-tech accuracy infrared automatic thermometer that can check your temperature with +/- 0.2℃ accuracy within seconds while dispensing the right amount of liquid spray hand sanitizer.
  • 👉【Practical Sanitizing Solution】- Includes large 1000 mL (33 oz) capacity refillable bottle container. Sprays just the right liquid amount onto your hands, long lasting due to large capacity size, less refill schedule needed. Easily fill with liquid type disinfectant, featuring an adjustable Extrusion Release (liquid release) to control amount of liquid sanitizer dispensing.
  • 👉【Easy To Install】- You can install the sanitizer dispenser onto large camera tripod, floor stand, or simply placed on table. It is also equipped wall mount brackets to become a wall-mounted 2-in-1 automatic thermometer scanner & sanitizer dispenser.
  • 👉【Large Digital Display】- See your body temperature with the clearly visible LED display. Displays both Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • 👉【Automatic Alarm & Multi-Language】- When high temperatures are detected it will instantly trigger the high fever reading double-beep alarm system. Language speaking in English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, you will know immediately if user scans with high body temperature results.
  • 👉【Portable & Durable】- Made of top-quality ABS for durability, compact, lightweight, and long-lasting use, connect device via USB type-C or with 4 AA batteries (not included in this purchase) for mobility and convenience.
  • 👉【Energy Saving】- Due to its automatic wake-up system, when nobody is around it will go into sleep mode. The automatic thermometer will then wake back up again when it detects movement.

Tips of Use

  • For best sanitizer dispenser results with this Automatic Thermometer use liquified disinfectants like Alcohol or Peroxide Blends. These solutions can avoid clogging, unlike thick Gels.
  • This automatic thermometer does not have rechargeable batteries in it.

2 reviews for K9 Pro 2-In-1 Automatic Thermometer Temperature Scanner & Sanitizer Dispenser Combined (Tripod Stand Drip Tray Included)

  1. Nykeria

    Thanks Wilson I got the right product thanks for Reaching out and we got it right

  2. PacificMan

    I work for a Dr’s office and I bought this to prevent that somebody comes into the office with high fever temperatures. Everyone seems to love it. Not only gives a little shot of sanitizer it also tell your temperature. Works perfect.

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